Members of the Association should act according to high standards of personal integrity and professional conduct.

Relationship of Members with the Association

Members should respect the decisions of the General Assembly, Board of Trustees, and other Statutory Bodies of the Association and comply with them.

In any case, Members should fulfill their financial obligations to the Association.

Members should keep regular contact with the Association, making sure that they keep themselves updated on its activities, taking part in the General Assembly and Bodies, and supporting its events.

Members have a duty to staff its Committees and Working Groups, carry out the work that is assigned to them, and ensure that they attend its meetings and sessions on a regular basis.

The assumption of any office in the Board, Bodies, Committees, and Working Groups of the Association, is honorary and does not justify any reward, except for any expenses and costs that are approved in advance as appropriate and are paid against receipts/proofs of payment that are provided for by the law.

Undertaking any project on behalf of the Association, if paid, may not exceed the preapproved expenses, and should be carried out within the deadlines that have been agreed upon, and in the most technically and scientifically sound manner.

Members ought to conduct themselves in such a way, that they do not place the Association, its Bodies and Partners, or other

Members in an embarrassing situation as a result of bad comments, and respect and support the personal efforts that are made for the benefit of the Industry.

Members shall not be entitled to claim that they represent the Association or act on its behalf, if they have not been authorized to do so or are not justified to do so according to the office that they may hold, and more so, undertake obligations that have not been approved by the competent bodies or cannot be fulfilled by the Association.

Relations among Members

Members ought to demonstrate a spirit of mutual appreciation and healthy competition in their relations with other Members of the Association.

Relations with Third Parties

Members ought to respect the monitoring institutional bodies of the industry and observe any applicable rules and provisions that apply to their professional conduct.

Furthermore, they ought to respect all other professionals involved in the industry and meet any obligations that they have undertaken towards them.

In general, members ought to act with discernment, honesty, integrity, and transparency.