The association organizes a Webinar in each quarter (transformed into events when the situation allows), with the participation of international or Romanian keynote speakers, on topics related to financial, economic, cybersecurity and environmental risk.


Because the risk involves stress, the members of the Association have the opportunity to participate in trainings of stress management, negotiation skills, mindfulness and much more.


For the teams of the members of the association and raising the level of their knowledge in the field of credit risk, the Association implements trainings related to the interpretation of financial data and scoring / rating models.


The association will gather from the participating members concerns, proposals and suggestions that it will structure on industries and risk areas. Every six months, committees will be organized dedicated to these areas that will result in lobbying activities in favor of the companies involved.


MARKET STUDY ON THE ROMANIAN ECONOMY IN THE SEMESTER 1 2020: An extensive study conducted by the Association of Professionals at Risk in collaboration with ICAP and other state institutions, on the effects of the coronavirus crisis in Romania in the first half of this year, industries and geographical areas affected or favored , profitable and unprofitable companies, insolvencies, bankruptcies, etc. The study will be launched in December 2020 at the latest.